Quality Control

There are two standard practices we employ currently to allow us to deliver good, safe and clean fresh produces to our customers.

Good agricultural practice (GAP) is specific method in farming for agricultural produces. Growers strictly follow the guidelines of pesticide applied in farms and orchards and record all activities carried out in farmers for audit and reference.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is applied in process of selecting, cleaning, cooling and packing. It is regulated under Codex Alimentarius, Annex to CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev.4 (2003).

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is another milestone of international quality standard to be accomplished in order to bring our fresh produces to another international standard practice.


Farming carried out by each grower is certified by Department of Agricultural as Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).


1. Farming



2. Harvesting & Grading
Harvesting will be conducted early in the morning. Preliminary selection is carried out by each collecting hub before delivering to the packing house. Each grower will be assigned with code as part of our traceability system.

3. Packing
Our employees (produce handlers) will select produce basing on individual customer's requirement such as size, color, shape, absence of crack and scar attacked by pests and pre-pack produce in required packaging and weight. Pre-cooling is final stage of process before dispatching shipments to the airport/sea port.

4. Transportation
Our pre-packed produces are delivered by refeer truck to the airport/the seaport every day.

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