About us

Siam Oriental Food Co., Ltd. (SOF) is an exporter/manufacturer of fresh fruits and vegetables. SOF is a Thai-owned company and our head-office is located in Bangkok capital of Thailand . Our Kingdom of Thailand is recognized as one of most important food suppliers to the world and is full of plenty kinds of foods including fruits and vegetables. Our Thai fruits and vegetables are in demand of many countries in many parts of the world.

With our extensive network of farmers and suppliers, we supply all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers all year-round. Farming operation is in full compliance with good agricultural practice. Our post-harvest management is designed to assure good quality of our pre-packed produces before dispatching to our customers. Our process of selecting, cleaning, cooling is in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice. We continuously drive forward to get our process being in full compliance with HACCP.

Our Business Principle

At Siam Oriental Food, we always adhere to following principles in order to reach our goal of becoming reliable partner for our customers, our farmers, our suppliers, our employees.

1. Develop and provide support to maintain standard practices of farming and post harvesting in full compliance with update regulations and practices relating to Food Safety concepts
2. Operate with high standards of integrity
3. Deliver best fresh produces and services in a cost-effective way

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